I enjoy a fantastic relationship with so many local businesses.

Here’s what some of my advertisers have kindly said about The Wokingham Word and The Berkshire Break recently …

We had an event this morning and it was great to see the learners come in holding their copy of The Berkshire Break where they had seen it advertised. It works so well for us.
Clare Arnaboldi, Earley Crescent

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting the article about our Guild in your August edition and I just wanted to let you know that we have received a significantly higher number of “hits” on our website recently which we have attributed in the main to interest as a result of the article. This is the 2nd year we have placed an article in the community page of your publications and we would recommend any organisation or charity to do likewise if they are aiming to reach out to Wokingham residents. Last year’s article for an open day we were holding was by far the single biggest success in promoting the event, out of all the avenues we used, with the majority of our visitors (of which there were many) attending as a result of having seen the article in the Wokingham Word and Berkshire Break.
Sarah Rose, Berkshire Guild of Spinners and Dyers

Excellent informative magazine.
Ian Trusty, Resident

Can you please cancel my friendly ladies Wednesday tenpin bowling advert in your monthly things to do!! I have had such a huge response, we are now full!! Thank you so much for including us every month!
Ann Webb, Wokingham Superbowl

In comparison to distributing business/rate cards across the area, our advert in your magazine has generated a far better response, overwhelming in fact. Your magazine seems to have provided confidence and assurances over picking up a business card put through the letterbox. As though we’ve been endorsed to the local community by a trusted source. Evidently a much respected publication and a very effective advertising medium enabling us to reach our intended audience.
Luqman, Peerless Executive

I would like to thank you and your team very much for the wonderful half page advertisement that you kindly organised for WADE in the October edition of The Wokingham Word. Everyone has commented that it is a fantastic write up and it has already gained attention in the local community. As a charity we greatly appreciate support from local businesses and organisations, your gesture will help to increase awareness of what we can offer the elderly residents of Wokingham.
Stuart Rowsell, WADE Chairman

Our advertising in The Berkshire Break has worked really well, whereas we have spent a fortune elsewhere and had little response. We would like to re-book for a year.
Sandeep, Sunrise Senior Living

I enjoy reading The Berkshire Break, I love the sudoku and search games and I have found the adverts useful as well.
Sandy Matzen, Sandy Maya

I always check where enquiries come from and every month I am getting a couple of new customers from my ads in The Wokingham Word and The Berkshire Break.
Elena, Alena’s Mobile Hair & Makeup

I’m always very happy with my ad in The Wokingham Word. I got another couple of jobs from it this week.
Paul Parnell, All Digital TV

We’ve had a great response to our ad in The Berkshire Break… yet more enquiries this week.
Karen White, CJS Cleaning

We are getting so much work from The Berkshire Break.
Daryl Cooke, Roofing Matters

Your magazines are the best platform for local advertising. Think I’ve said this to you before, but the events page is so clear and easy to understand. It’s always my first port of call anyway!
Pauline MacBrayne, Wokingham Horticultural Society

I will be most grateful if I could purchase copies from you for the months of November, December, January and February as I have been out of the country for 4 months. I was so happy to receive my March copy land on my doorstep as I truly enjoy reading your magazine and your page especially.
Salma Makati, Resident

Our first ad was so good we don’t need another month. It’s the best response we’ve EVER had! We’ll definitely book The Berkshire Break when we need to advertise again – I would recommend to anyone. Thanks a lot!
Louisa Griffiths (Director), MMR Research Worldwide

We are absolutely delighted with the story. Thank you very much indeed from everyone at DRW.
Sue Corcoran, DRW

Thank you for your continuing work in producing The Wokingham Word. It’s a great communication for the community.
David Main, Wokingham & Reading Dyslexia Association

Our ad in The Berkshire Break is brilliant – we got our biggest job ever from it in the first month!
Carol Ward, AC Decorating Services

I wanted to thank you so much for the adverts that you’ve placed in the BB and WW – the response has been fantastic, in fact overwhelming, and I have been contacted by the most amazing and wonderful people offering their time to our Befriending scheme. We now have enough Lead Volunteers for Reading/Wokingham who are going through the training programme, and much of that is down to your magazine, thank you so much!
Amanda Cracknell, Macmillan Cancer Support

Your lovely Wokingham Word really helps us.
Nikki Payler, Town Mayor’s Secretary

Thanks for the new ad … must say phone is ringing a lot!
Rob Spencer, RJS Landscaping

Your wonderful publication is not only a good informative read, but also a very effective advertising tool.
Simon Allder, Allder Glass

Carolyn really is the Wokingham Word – enough said!
Mark AshwellTradeMark Windows

I was really pleased to receive the first edition of The Berkshire Break as I have always felt that my area didn’t have access to publicity as in Wokingham itself. Delighted, many thanks.
Caroline Fulton, Resident

Thank you so much for all your support over the year, Carolyn. It has been wonderful working with you!
Annet Pullen, Wokingham Art Society

The Wokingham Word has been a great source of enquiries for us over the 7 we have used it. Carolyn is always on top of her distribution which means we know her title will get through as many post boxes as possible. The quality of the publication along with the calibre of the advertisers and, not least, the articles, means that we are always keen to use the Wokingham Word as a way of getting our message out to Wokingham’s homeowners!
Neal MackenzieMichael Hardy

Good luck with the new magazine – if it’s anything like The Wokingham Word it’ll be brilliant!
Chris MorrisResident

The Wokingham Word’s wide reach around the area has proved very useful when passing on news about events established and brand new. The service is always top class and Carolyn is always ready with assistance and advice. It is a frequently requested publication in the Town Hall Information Centre and we are glad to have it as a source of ready information on local groups, events and services
Gemma Cumming, Wokingham Town Council

We have been helping gardeners in Wokingham every month for over 10 years – I don’t know if we have the longest running advice page but the feedback we get suggests that our confidence in The Wokingham Word is appreciated by a wide audience in the Wokingham and Crowthorne area.
Tony Hewetson, Gardeneer

We received The Berlshire Break through our letterbox this week – it’s a great magazine, well edited and containing all sorts of interesting local news and adverts.
Maggie Nunn, Resident

I started my small computer services company 4 years ago and advertised in all the usually places but got very little response. 6 months down the line I put a small advertisement in The Wokingham Word and then things changed. Now 3 ½ years later I have build a good loyal client base that is growing all the time. Not only do I get a steady flow of new customers thanks to The Wokingham Word, I also get a lot of referrals from my existing “Wokingham Word” customers . I urge anyone who wants to grow their business to contact Carolyn and get an advertisement in The Wokingham Word.
Peter Tidsdale, Computer Factotum

You do a great job, everyone seems to love The Wokingham Word!
Rachel Dunn, Redident

Gressgardens have advertised with Carolyn at the WW for about 10 years and have found it to be a fantastic way of getting my business out there! Superb value for money and great dealing with such a lovely editor! Here’s to the next 10 years!
Richard Gresswell, Gressgardens

I’ve started to have a few nice orders from the magazine, so would definitely like to continue, thanks.
Sonya ThomasLarkspur Interiors

I have been advertising for the past 7 years and have had a very good response from the advert in the WW. I have stopped advertising anywhere else now because all my work comes from the WW. I cannot praise enough the service I have received from Carolyn, she is always ready to help. I look forward to receiving the magazine through my door regularly every month. All my customers say the advert is easy to spot. I have found that the magazine is very informative especially what is going on every month in the area. I also love the editorial that Carolyn puts in at the beginning of the magazine.
Julie Milner, Julie’s Alterations

Thank you Carolyn, for your professionalism in your magazine and approach to advertising. Your business has thrived because of your good journalism and organization. I have advertised in your magazine since it’s beginning and continue to be pleased with the results.
Jonathan Cledwyn-Davies, Abacus Tutors

Our December copy of the Wokingham Word was waiting for us when we arrived back home this afternoon – thank you so much for what you have done for us to include both the Wine Festival and the Float, this is really great and I hope will help us make each of them even bigger successes!! I cannot emphasise how appreciative I am that you have included them.
Michael Weait, Wokingham Wine Festival

We have been advertising consistently with the Wokingham Word for 10 years and have found it more than covers the reasonable fees charged – to the point that it is now the only printed advertising that we do. The service and advice Carolyn provides is always prompt and reliable and hugely valuable.
Paul Jesset, Grassroots

Great magazine and I am getting good clients from it. I cannot keep up with the work that is coming in, thanks to “The Word”.
Ray, Affordable Maintenance Men

I just wanted to say how helpful you always are when we are planning our adverts, with ideas to freshen up an old ad or just to ensure we reach the deadlines on time. It’s always nice to see customers walking into the showroom with a copy of the Wokingham Word in hand and the page turned to your own advert. We have been advertising for many years now and customers are always good at supporting their local business.
Tracy Cotterell, Blinds & Awnings